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Zhao Yi Innovation (GigaDevice) launched a new series of high-performance GD32F2


Zhao Yi innovation introduced core performance, integrated peripherals and enhanced safety features comprehensive GD32F2 MCU series of new products, continued to enhance the power of innovation and the development of eco-rich embedded program designed to provide a cost-effective choice.

       Recently, the industry's leading semiconductor suppliers Zhao Yi Innovation (GigaDevice) has launched a new ARM Cortex-M3 core-based, cost-effective and enhanced GD32F205 GD32F207 series microcontrollers. GD32F2 plan provides a comprehensive series of new enhanced processing capability with the new peripheral interface resources on the basis of existing products on the GD32F1. Cortex-M3 MCU in addition to having the industry's largest capacity flash memory, but also to strengthen the support for video applications, liquid crystal display, memory expansion, and high-speed signal acquisition, and are equipped with enhanced hardware encryption module and security architecture. As the newest member of the GD32 microcontroller family, GD32F2 series continues the core value of higher performance and better price combination, comprising up to 27 models of product selection and keep the GD32 with existing products in the software and pin perfect pACKAGE compatible. Currently, the products have been available in sample quantities and will be officially put into mass production in early September.

       New and enhanced GD32F2 series MCU maximum clock frequency of 120MHz, resource overhead in response to multiple peripherals to run simultaneously and embedded software protocol stack, equipped with a large capacity 256KB to 3072KB Flash and 128KB to 256KB built-in SRAM. Kernel Access high-speed flash memory with zero wait, performance under the highest frequency up to 150DMIPS, the efficiency of the code under the same clock speed increase 30-40% higher than the market similar Cortex-M3 products.

       GD32F2 using 2.6V-3.6V power supply, I / O port can withstand 5V level. It supports advanced power management and features three power-saving mode. In the external battery power, built-in high-precision real-time clock can be calibrated (RTC) standby current runtime of less than 1uA. Support phase PWM Complementary Output Hall-collection interface and two 16-bit timers can be used for advanced vector control, also have up to 10 16-bit general purpose timers, two 16-bit timers and substantially more than two-channel DMA controller device. Peripheral Interface resources include up to eight UART, 3 个 SPI, 3 个 I2C, 2 个 I2S, 2 个 CAN 2.0B, 1 个 SDIO interface, a 10 / 100M Ethernet controller (MAC), and is equipped with a low power consumption LPM features full-speed USB OTG interface that provides Device, HOST, OTG, and other transport modes. Among them, the new design of the SPI interface the maximum operating frequency of up to 30MHz, supports 4-wire synchronous serial mode, for easy connection to external mass NOR Flash and fast access. Performance analog peripherals have been fully enhanced, GD32F2 equipped with a sampling rate of up to 3 2MSPS 12-bit high-speed ADC, provides up to 24 channels can be reused, and new hardware oversampling filter function and resolution can be configured function, also has two 12-bit DAC, to support mixed-signal control provides a higher degree of integration.

       As the current Cortex-M3 core-based MCU products market the highest performance, GD32F2 series offers exceptional flash cache and connectivity solutions. GD32F2 series MCU with advanced cache architecture is configured with two independent SRAM memory, the master device can support different bus simultaneously. The first time with the support of access to external SDRAM memory 32-bit bus interface EXMC, can be more cost-effective flexibility of large capacity data buffer expansion and advanced interface controls. GD32F2 also built a TFT LCD controller which directly drive LCD screen, can support up to SVGA 7-inch 800 x 600-pixel RGB TFT display. It also integrates 8-14 of Camera video interfaces for connecting digital cameras and achieve image acquisition and transmission.

       To ensure the security of data transmission and storage, GD32F2 also fully enhanced hardware encryption and decryption functions to support DES, 3DES Encryption Standard and AES (128, 192, 256) encryption technology, and support for digital signatures MD5 and SHA -1, SHA-224, SHA-256 hash check hardware and HMAC message authentication code, also built a 32-bit true random number generator. Combined with 96-bit chip that uniquely identifies and patent encryption storage capabilities, more on-chip data brings multiple levels of security. GD32F2 also has enhanced security architecture and tamper detection, real-time clock (RTC) by an external independent battery, up to 84 bytes can be used for secure key storage backup registers, and have dynamic / static level rescue and anti-tampering detection capabilities for temperature, clock, voltage variations and high physical attack detection system security applications.

       GigaDevice senior product marketing manager, said on gold: "GD32F2 MCU series offers the industry's best combination of Cortex-M3 core performance and system resource integration, industrial control, HMI, secure payment, and things such as automotive equipment market applications the ideal .GD32F2 series enhanced MCU products to efficient processing capabilities, rich interface functions and application security can help users fully integrated system resources and reduce investment, but also dig the potential of the project. "

       Including a variety of development boards and application software development ecosystem including GD32 also ready. GigaDevice of new and enhanced MCU is equipped with a complete set of development tools, including a full-featured evaluation board GD32207C-EVAL and GD32205R-START Starter Kit, also provides support for in-circuit emulation, debugging, programming online and offline programming capabilities triple production tools GD-Link, more third-party developers and software programming tools are also fully supported. Choice GD32 Cortex-M MCU family has further expanded to 155 models, 8 major product lines, nine kinds of package type, the software and hardware pin packages have maintained mutually compatible, fully supports a variety of high low-end embedded applications and upgrades. Combines high performance, low cost and ease of use of common GD32 series MCU uses a number of patented technologies with independent intellectual property rights and has maintained industry-leading products have long been tested by the market, has won widespread praise and users.

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