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Company Activities

2015 Conifer Road will be


Pegasus boast victorious sky, earth rejuvenation song Ram, looking back 12 years of struggle Road, Prospect Road, ROAD-WELL new future.

January 30, 2015, 2015 Conifer ROAD-WELL be held in Shenzhen Airlines International Hotel Kunpeng Hall, chairman of Mr. Chen Wei .ROAD-WELL will bring the leadership of the ministries, and the staff and some invited guests attended the party.

       Mr. Luo Jin, general manager of the company for the year will cause the opening speech, the total Luo recalled extraordinary achievements made in 2014 will ROAD-WELL, and together with you a new outlook 2015. After the speech, the moderator invited Luo total open champagne toast to celebrate together with you, the new year in a warm atmosphere abnormalities.

       Annual Meeting beginning, the company leadership to departments as excellent performance in the past year, the company made outstanding contributions to the staff presented the Outstanding Staff Award, and 3000 yuan per person to send money to show encouragement. Dong Chen also made the top three in the last year, the company held Landlords contest staff presented the trophy and funding, the road show ROAD-WELL colorful enterprise culture.

       Annual meeting colorful cultural programs, many programs are some bright spots, looking at the stage vibrant, passionate way ROAD-WELL people singing and dancing, reminiscent of the wonderful 12 years of struggle, we are not Chen Dong sleep shed tears of excitement. The companies participating in the program will be set up generous bonuses. In addition, in recognition of the hard work of employees participating, after the show, Chen Dong announced staff who participate in live performances will get an additional $ 2000 cash prize, turned the music scene about the day.

      The Annual Meeting also set up a lucky draw, conducted a total of four, resulting in a 40 lucky winners, each scroll are brought up the audience a warm cheer.

      Looking back on 2014, although the industry as a whole is not the economy, but in all the way Bicon joint efforts, we still made remarkable achievements.

      2015, ROAD-WELL re-start road ......

The following is the annual meeting highlights:

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